PHASE A: Foundation (Years 1 and 2)

Incoming first-year applicants to Washington University will have the option to indicate interest in the Beyond Boundaries Program on their application for admission.

Washington University accepts either the Common Application or the Coalition Application. Both the Common Application and Coalition Application will be available beginning August 1.

On the application, after indicating an undergraduate division and major(s) of interest, applicants will need to select the “Special Programs” option in order to move forward with applying to Beyond Boundaries. Applicants must submit a supplemental essay explaining their proposed focus for Beyond Boundaries. Students are not committed to studying the topic they write about in the application.

If students are selected for the Beyond Boundaries Program, they will be accepted to the university without entering in one particular school. They will still be assigned an advisor based on their application to one of the four undergraduate schools. In the event they are not selected for participation in the Beyond Boundaries Program, their admission will be routed through the typical school-based process.

PHASE B: Focus (Years 3 and 4)

Current students that are interested in joining the Beyond Boundaries Program for Phase B: Focus may do so by way of THIS online application. A limit of 25 students per year (beginning in Fall 2021) will be admitted to the program, join the existing cohort, and begin completing the points accumulation process in order to receive a milestone notation on their transcript at the end of year four. Questions? Please email us.

Financial Aid

Beyond Boundaries is an academic opportunity, not a scholarship program. Students are eligible to apply for financial assistance on the same basis as other applicants. Please visit  Financial Aid for more information.