Rob Morgan

Director of the Beyond Boundaries Program, Teaching Professor of Drama – School of Arts & Sciences



Rob is in his 11th year of teaching at Washington University having relocated to St. Louis following 3 years as an Assistant Professor in Scenic Design at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Rob has designed professionally in the areas of theatre, film, museum, and theme park venues.  Avatar the Exhibition (museum exhibit) originally designed for Experience Music Project in Seattle toured in the U.S. and Canada for 3 years.

Directing the Beyond Boundaries Program gives Rob the opportunity to work with a select group of students who desire to collaborate across disciplines and interact with multiple schools and departments.

The big idea behind Beyond Boundaries is one that asks that students consider choosing a question to answer before choosing a major.  Students in the program should be comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty while maintaining an interest in answering life’s big questions by leveraging the strengths of Washington University’s four undergraduate and three professional graduate schools.

Beyond Boundaries at Washington University offers students an unparalleled opportunity for students to cross-pollinate ideas via an interdisciplinary education while utilizing our excellent university resources: from faculty to on-campus institutes and programming.  It is a program that is targeted toward talented, self-initiated, and self-motivated students who wish to pursue their own broad interdisciplinary interests through a unique education that requires collaboration across academic disciplines and perspectives. This opportunity will equip students to make a difference in a complicated world where challenges do not come pre-packaged as the territory of a single discipline. It will transform the way students think about political, societal, intellectual, technological, and scientific challenges.

The Beyond Boundaries Program will help students become more creative problem solvers and more insightful scholars who are unafraid of complexity and motivated to become a force for positive change in their chosen field of study and beyond.

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