Created by Adalo, a St. Louis based company started by two Wash U alums

The Beyond Boundaries Program is proud to have our very own app that students can download to their phones from their mobile app store (Google Play and Apple). As part of the program’s curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities from which they earn points towards completion of the program. Once a student completes a profile that includes such things as their areas of study and courses, they can become acquainted with the profiles of their peers and bios of the Beyond Boundaries course faculty.

The Beyond Boundaries app allows students to view numerous opportunities, keep track of their points, and connect with each other.

Extracurricular Opportunities

On the “events” tab of the app, program students can select from a number of event categories, ranging from virtual lectures to summer internships. Each category offers a different amount of points based on the time commitment involved. These activities represent a multitude of disciplines that speak to the unique big questions our students have.

Furthermore, if a student happens to come across an event that is not on the app, they are able to submit the event for approval. Once the event has been approved, it will appear in the appropriate category for other students to see and possibly participate in.

Keeping Track of Points

A crucial purpose of the app, that sparked its creation, is to keep a running total of points for each student. Not only can the app administrators access students’ points, but each student can see their own point total as well as which approved events contributed. Having the ability to see this information at any time ideally allows students to plan ahead and ensure they are where they need to be with regard to point earning.

Building Community

In addition to the academic side of the app, there exists a very meaningful component: community building. Not only can students view the details of each event on the app (i.e. location, time, description), but they can also see who else is interested in that event. So while they may personally be inspired to participate, the entire experience may be elevated if one or more of their peers has shown an interest as well.

Following an event, students are asked to submit a photo (often a selfie) to “prove” their participation. They are given the option to have their photos included in a community gallery for others to see. These steps add an exciting element to the process, giving students an even stronger sense of connection to what they are doing and who else is joining them on their journey of exploration.