Alexandra Laufer, one of the “first astronauts” in our inaugural Class of 2023, joins us at Washington University from Weston, MA. The “collaborative” environment at Wash U drew her here as she felt that this community truly “focuses on the importance of learning, rather than competition.” Alexandra is currently majoring in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology (PNP) in Arts & Sciences, an “innovative program that fosters engagement between different disciplines addressing the mind-brain.” Her exploration thus far demonstrates her dedication to the medical field in addition to her growth in a number of other areas of study. She shares more about her academic passions:

I am hoping to explore psychology and how people interact with each other. I am also on the pre-med track, where I would like to explore biology and how the human body functions. I am passionate about mental health, so I am interested in exploring how WashU works to support its students and staff when they are struggling, and what more can be done to assist people in this way.

Like many other Beyond Boundaries Program students, Alexandra was excited about being a part of this unique program community that “focuses on learning about many different aspects of life and relating them to each other to create a more cohesive understanding.” Her desire to think in an interdisciplinary way is reflected not only in her academic studies, but also in her involvement in extracurricular activities. Alexandra has been a Research Intern at Wash U’s Medical School (OBGYN), an illustrator for Frontiers Magazine which focuses on health within the Wash U community, as well a participant in the Wash U Chapter of The Women’s Network. She comments on her proudest accomplishments up to this point:

So far at Wash U, I have contributed to a scientific article that was published in the Journal of Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Human Reproduction. I have participated in an internship at Boston Children’s Hospital, in the Gastroenterology department, which I am continuing this summer. I was on the Dean’s list for Fall 2019, and I am in the process of being trained as a crisis counselor for Crisis Text Line.

The Beyond Boundaries Program is proud of all that Alexandra has done and is looking forward to seeing her continued growth and increasing insight into her BIG question.