Emma Singh (BB 2023) has been successfully following her passions in the political world this past spring and summer, despite the challenges of our current situation. From her hometown of Tenafly, NJ, Emma has been diligently supporting several organizations that allow her effectively use the skills she has gained so far at Washington University and apply her genuine interdisciplinary perspective. Beginning in December 2019 through August 2020, Emma worked at NARAL Pro-Choice MO to collect signatures for a Medicaid Expansion ballot initiative. She shares why she chose to apply for this internship and how it relates to her big question:

Coming into WashU, my overarching question had to do with healthcare policy (the nuts and bolts, political framework etc.), and slowly transitioned to a curiosity surrounding the ways that grassroots dialogue and activism can change a community through policy advocacy. Engaging in the gritty work of community organizers, talking to voters about healthcare (which oft transitioned to broader topics opining about the state of our democracy), I have been really able to learn about the macrolevel of the American electorate’s psyche in a way never before.

Emma has also spent much of her time working with another St. Louis based organization, ArchCity Defenders. During a similar timeframe, she took her responsibilities as a Public Policy intern very seriously. She was excited to broaden her “knowledge base and engage with the community around [Washington University] through the people and institutions that are making a difference.“ In addition to those internships, Emma has served as a Strategy and Policy Intern at the National Women’s Law Center where she was able to bring together her “interest in gender justice work with in-depth policy analysis.” Currently, Emma is working with the Texas Democratic Party on their finance and fundraising efforts and seems to be greatly enjoying the learning experience.

With her admissions essay addressing the need for major healthcare reform, Emma is continuing to learn about the various aspects and lenses required to effectively make change. She is taking on new opportunities that allow her to expand her understanding of the issues that interest her most. While Emma continues to be an active member of Beyond Boundaries, she has chosen to pursue a double major in Political Science and Economics, with a minor in Philosophy.