In the Beyond Boundaries Program Class of 2023, Harrison Tanaka brings his passions of sports and business together in a meaningful way. He has been thrilled about “getting exposure to all of the amazing faculty that are associated with the program” and the “different access to speakers, networking events, and school break opportunities.” Through his exploration thus far, he is working towards a major in Supply Chain Management with two minors in Business of Sports and Legal Studies.

As part of our program, he has taken advantage of all of the exciting interdisciplinary possibilities. He was even featured in a recent article about one of the Beyond Boundaries Program’s Bear Bridge courses (cohort only), Law, Race, and Design: Examining the St. Louis Story. In the article, Harrison shared his thoughts about this unique course:

The combination of law and design helps bring into context two topics that are challenging in two completely different ways. Instead of simply thinking law is a set of facts, law can be thought of as a carefully designed story given a certain set of facts and context. Design also helps make law come to life as design helps us to better understand the people, places and perspectives that are represented beyond the paper. The course leverages the different strengths of these fields by bringing them together deliberately through way of discussion, lectures, group projects, experts in different fields and collaborative design activities.

Coming to Washington University from Laguna Niguel, CA, Harrison has settled nicely into the campus community. He was initially excited about the university because of its high “quality of life” and the “flexibility that Washington University offered in really allowing students to explore their interests.” In addition to his academic pursuits, he is looking forward to getting involved in some sports-related student groups on campus once they resume again.

Get to know more about Harrison on the Beyond Boundaries podcast episode, where he is joined by his close friend and program peer, Josh Sturgell.