WashU is full of many strengths: academically, through extracurriculars– the people—overall…I knew that coming here, I would be surrounded by hardworking, passionate peers and all of the support and resources I could ask for to accomplish my goals. Then once I found out that I was accepted into Beyond Boundaries as well…I knew it was a perfect fit for me.

Maya Kovacevic joined the Beyond Boundaries Program at Washington University in St. Louis in Fall 2020. Despite the many unknowns due to the COVID pandemic, Maya has been enthusiastic about the start of her undergraduate experience. Coming from Orland Park, IL, she has not hesitated to delve into campus life. She holds a role on the executive board of the Future Healthcare Professionals, a student group that “aims to support students interested in healthcare professions.” Maya has also enjoyed being a contributing writer for Frontiers Magazine, an on-campus magazine that addresses health-related topics impacting the Washington University community. In addition, and to include a completely new experience, she has joined WU Sauce – the “premier salsa team that performs on campus, at professional events, and in the St. Louis area.” She suggests that students join a fun club or “one that you never really considered before.”

In addition to her extracurricular activities, Maya is passionate about gender and healthcare, with a few specific areas of interest:

During my time here, I’m hoping to explore the impact of women’s leadership in healthcare. As a pre-med student, I think it’s important to acknowledge the factors outside of the science that affects patient care. One of those factors is the lack of diversity in leadership in health. My specific focus is through a gender lens, but I also believe that it applies to other aspects of identity. So I hope to explore how promoting diverse leadership in medicine impacts quality of care.

Through the Beyond Boundaries Program, Maya is hoping to expand her networks and be exposed to opportunities she may not have otherwise known about. To hear more from her, check out Beyond Boundaries pod episode #18.