It is safe to say that Ranen Miao arrived at Washington University and hit the ground running. Not only has he been a committed participant in Beyond Boundaries Program-related activities, but he has also made great strides in his involvement in a variety of student bodies on campus. Ranen participated on the University Student Affairs Advisory Board (USAAB) with his Beyond Boundaries cohort peer Bennett Rosenberg (BB 2023). Being a part of the student political body and affecting change has been one of his main priorities. One of his earlier positions, and most meaningful successes, was as the First Year Class President:

My biggest success at WashU was being elected first year class president and having the opportunity to fight for policy change through an interdisciplinary lens. My advocacy for free menstrual products, subsidized laundry, healthier food options, and clarity in administrative policies has been informed by dozens of lectures, talks, and meetings with people from diverse backgrounds and fields.

Ranen very recently stepped into the role of the university’s Student Union President, with a strong focus on the well-being of the student community during this difficult time.

In addition to his political aspirations, Ranen has been engrossed in his academic studies. With passions for “political science and engagement,” he feels that “our current understanding of political issues is far too narrow.” The appeal of a new program that has allowed him to take courses ranging from sociology, comparative politics, to aging is what drew him to the university and the Beyond Boundaries program in particular. As Ranen so expressively shares:

Policy and politics is at the intersection of dozens of professions, and Beyond Boundaries offered me an interdisciplinary opportunity to study what I love in a way I love.

From his hometown of Edison, NJ, Ranen came to Washington University with much excitement for all that it has to offer. He enjoys singing with the Sensasions Acapella Group, being part of the Blood Drive Leadership Team, and working with the Teaching Racial Understanding Through Honest (TRUTH) student group. Ranen was featured on the Beyond Boundaries Podcast with Christine Nguyen, another BB 2023 student.