21: Tinuola Adebukola

On this episode, Rob sits down with Beyond Boundaries Program Class of 2023 student Tinuola Adebukola to talk about her first year in the program, the Creative Collaborations project she did with classmate and fellow scholar Colleen Avila in the form of THIS book about racial inequities and disparities in St. Louis. This episode was recorded before the most recent BLM protests spurred by the death of George Floyd so an additional statement about that penned by the talented Tinuola accompanies this podcast episode: “There is so much to say and unpack about the revolution we are in against racism and injustice. The systems in hand were never made for Black and brown people to thrive. There is injustice at every corner. If we can learn anything from this revolution it is that we need to completely re-imagine systems so that they can be equitable in order to strive to reach equality for all. It has been 200 years since slavery has ended, yet America fails to understand that Black Lives Matter. As a Black woman I will continue to take up space and continue to be a change-maker aimed at equality.”