For current students needing additional information on the program’s point structure, click on this button:

Step 1: Upload Supporting Documents (for graduating students)

Before completing the form below, if you plan on submitting a capstone/thesis or reflection paper, please do so by uploading them to the box folder. If you are not, you can skip to the form in Step 2.

Important: Please include your first and last name in the name of each file (e.g., first-last-reflection paper.doc), as well as the within the title or body of the document.

When you click on the red button below, WUSTL Box will open in a new tab. Upload your documents, then close WUSTL Box and continue with the form below.

Step 2: Complete the Points Submission Form Below

Beyond Boundaries Points Submission Form
Are you comfortable if we add your book to a BB-only shared spreadsheet (as a book list resource)?
Points Information:
• 1 point – any of the following: fall bb welcome back event, fall bb end of semester event, spring bb end of year event, individual mentor/mentee meetings, virtual/audio activity, or speaker/exhibit

• 2 points – any of the following: fall bb cohort meeting, spring bb cohort meeting, or reading a book (interdisciplinary/related to your interests)

• 3 points – networking event

• 4 points – service/volunteering event

• 5 points – any of the following: fall bb workshop, spring bb workshop, or spring bb peer mentor/mentee gathering

• 8 points – fall bb mentoring meet & greet or a multi-day conference

• 10 points – internship/fellowship

• 10 points – course/project/program

• 25 points – capstone/thesis