The Beyond Boundaries Program is a two or four year program that allows students to be a part of an ecosystem of interdisciplinary scholars intent on problem-solving through cross-discipline collaboration.

Pedagogical Approach

Beyond Boundaries’ curriculum and program requirements highlight the intentional educational methodology, beginning with the application essay prompt and continuing through a team-based seminar, interdisciplinary team teaching, and self-directed interdisciplinary learning.

Learning Objectives

Student’s participating in the Beyond Boundaries Program will be able to:

  • Describe the value of interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving
  • Apply disciplinary perspectives to interdisciplinary problem solving
  • Assemble interdisciplinary teams around a problem or subject
  • Design interventions/solutions based on interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Facilitate and organize collaborative teams


Participation in the program will give students the opportunity to gain important core competencies necessary for interdisciplinary thinkers. The program focuses on the following competencies:

  • Depth of knowledge in one discipline or field of study
  • Ability to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of multiple disciplines
  • Ability to apply the approaches and tools from multiple disciplines to address a question or develop solutions
  • Ability to work in a team with individuals trained in different disciplines
  • Ability to communicate ideas based in one discipline or field of study to stakeholders trained in different disciplines
  • Ability to communicate about interdisciplinary to general audiences

Program Completion

Students who participate in and complete the program requirements for their first two years will receive a milestone notation on their official transcript.

Program students then have the option to leave the program after year two or continue to participate for years 3 and 4. Those who complete years 3 and 4 will received an additional milestone notation on their official transcript.