Faculty Director Rob Morgan and Program Coordinator Simone Picker will oversee two teams of university faculty and program leaders in the form of three committees: the Undergraduate Dean Advisors, the Faculty Advisory Council and the Student Engagement Committee

Every student who applies to the Beyond Boundaries Program identifies one of four undergraduate divisions into which they would like to land if they are not accepted into the program. For those IN the program, you are assigned a 4-year Advisor in that undergraduate division from a team of 4 Undergraduate Dean Advisors in each of the 4 undergraduate schools. That person helps you balance your Beyond Boundaries obligations with prerequisites in undergraduate areas where you think you would like to study (but you have a year of curiosity-driven exploration to decide). 

The Faculty Advisory Council is a team of eight faculty from seven schools, chaired by Professor Brian Carpenter and will provide oversight for Beyond Boundaries from the standpoint of student advising.  The committee will be responsible for flagging interdisciplinary courses open to Beyond Boundaries Program students and advising them on opportunities that exist university-wide for them on an academic level.

The Student Engagement Committee is comprised of university institute and center leaders as well as directors of interdisciplinary programs available on campus.  The group will serve an important role in identifying resources and opportunities for student members in the form of lectures, colloquiums, workshops, community partnerships, internships, extracurricular, and career opportunities.

In addition to these resources, students will be assigned a four-year adviser from the school-of-interest they select on their application to assist with course registration and fulfilling school and major requirements.