Washington University inspires creative thinking and problem solving across its many departments and with this new relaunch of the Creative Collaborations initiative, students across disciplines are encouraged to collaborate on a creative capstone project where they might:

  • Create a musical, play, or choreographic work
  • Write a script, story, poetry, or novel
  • Compose a musical work or art portfolio
  • Create a film, animation, or interactive website
  • Design a book or blog
  • Build an entrepreneurial enterprise
  • Design a fashion line
  • Create a social impact initiative

Past Projects:

  1. THIS text on inequities in St. Louis written and illustrated by Tinuola Adebukola (A&S) and Colleen Avila (Sam Fox) following interviews with 3 members of the St. Louis community with perspectives on the topic.
  2. THIS stop-motion animation film written and crafted by Marina Hartzell Gallegos (Sam Fox) with original music underscoring by Pierce Constanti (A&S) with guidance from local film and media artist Sarah Paulsen.
  3. THIS quilt crafted by Jack Radley (Sam Fox) under the guidance of local quiltmaker and Art History PhD Casey York based on the cartoons and poems of Shel Silverstein.

Creative Collaborations Application Form

Applicants and collaborators must be current undergraduate students at Washington University. Applications must be submitted by Tuesday January 18th, 2022. Grant winners will be announced in Spring.

Creative Collaborations Grant Application Form
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