In addition to the engagement through numerous events and programming, there are number of incredible resources available to Beyond Boundaries students as they continue their interdisciplinary journey. Some of these include a growing peer networking program, an opportunity for capstone project funding, and access to a current student/alumni directory.

Peer Mentoring

Building on the student-to-student connection is a priority of the program. With student staff facilitation, the creation of a peer networking program has allowed for students from different cohorts to meet and

Capstone Funding: Creative Collaborations

The second phase of the program is a time when students begin thinking about capstone projects and thesis papers. The Beyond Boundaries Program offers students the chance to collaborate on a project and receive funding for it.

Student/Alumni Directory

As a result of valuable feedback about the need to foster relationships between program students, one student created a live student/alumni directory that strengthens this inter-program connection.