42: Angela Hobson & Scott Krummenacher (Environmental Racism & The Health of Everyone course)

On this new Beyond Boundaries Podcast episode, Rob interviews the two dynamic Washington University in St. Louis faculty behind the NEW Beyond Boundaries course offered this Spring called Environmental Racism & the Health of Everyone in Dr. Angela Hobson, Assistant Dean for Public Health at the Brown School and Professor Scott Krummenacher in Environmental Studies in the College of Arts & Sciences. They discuss this new course that focuses on environmental inequalities in St. Louis that threaten the health and well-being of low-income communities and communities of color who are increasingly on the frontlines in the fight against climate change, air and water pollution, food security, and many other urgent environmental problems. We also discuss their individual journeys from undergraduate school and beyond that led them to intersect in this new course open to ALL 1st Year students at WashU. Don’t miss hearing this unique discussion about this important class.