45: Jessica Weldon & Cyril Loum (Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

In this episode, Rob sits down with a pair of Assistant Directors with the Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation & Entrepreneurship dedicated to fostering and empowering an inclusive community that finds opportunities in problems and transforms ideas into action. The center builds an ecosystem of education, research, and resources that engages all WashU students, faculty, alumni, and staff as entrepreneurial leaders and collaborators. Joining Rob to talk about the Skandalaris Center are Assistant Director of Programs Jessica Weldon and Assistant Director of Venture Development Cyril Loum. We talk about their journeys from towns both near and far, some amazing startup-stories or startups launched by WashU students, as well as their advice for current students looking to connect with resources at the Skandalaris Center. We also talk about Cyril’s life-changing non-profit in Caring Ministries, Inc. and Jessica’s role as a 4-year advisor in the College of Arts & Sciences. Don’t miss this episode if you want to learn how to connect ideas and launch businesses in St. Louis and beyond!