49: Alicia Yang & Victoria Xu (Creative Collaborations)

On this episode, Rob chats with a pair of WashU students taking advantage of the Creative Collaborations Initiative under the umbrella of the Beyond Boundaries Program where they receive funding to explore an interdisciplinary across divisions at WashU. Alicia Yang from the College of Arts & Sciences and Victoria Xu from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts plan to address an issue related to homelessness in the St. Louis area by connecting the homeless with information they need to find resources. Their proposal includes creatively designing a booklet that is accessible to individuals who may potentially be illiterate or speak different languages and involve, for example, designing detailed maps with transportation routes to connect unhoused people to services in a way that is easily understandable. It’s a great project and we hope YOU consider finding a student partner and apply for YOUR OWN Creative Collaborations grant today!