50: Aisha Adedayo

On this 50th episode, Rob interviews Beyond Boundaries Program Class of 2025 student and AP Scholar Aisha Adedayo from her home in Minneapolis, MN. Aisha is in her first year at WashU and intends to be an Organization & Strategic Management major in the Olin Business School. Aisha spent a gap year in 2020-21 with the Minnesota Army National Guard as a Behavioral Health Technician. In this episode, we talk all about that, the non-profit she co-founded called Pathway to College that provides underserved Minnesota high school students with the resources, mentorship and guidance to apply to college nationwide, the WashU BOLD@Olin (women in business) and First-Year Summer Academic (FSAP) programs that Aisha attended prior to officially attending WashU, and her latest business venture as a portrait photographer as founder of a company called Narative Portraits