4: Katrin Gatz & Jamie Xu

In this episode, Rob visits with two Beyond Boundaries Program Class of 2023 students Katrin Gatz and Jamie Xu. They talk about how their 1st Year experience went as members of the inaugural “first astronauts” of the brand new program at Washington University in St Louis, their individual interdisciplinary interests that range from a business […]

3: John Inazu & Penina Acayo Laker

In this episode, Rob talks with the Sally D. Danforth Distinguished Professor of Law and Religion John Inazu (WashU School of Law and Danforth Center for Religion & Politics) and Assistant Professor of Communication Design Penina Acayo Laker from the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts about their ‘Bear Bridge’ course called Law, Race, & Design: […]

2: Jenna Rogge

In this episode, Rob chats with current Class of 2023 Beyond Boundaries Program student Jenna Rogge from her home in Rob’s hometown of Austin, Texas. Jenna talks about her “big question” involving Mechanical Engineering and Art to design prosthetics for children, courses she has taken in the program, and her interest in gardening that was […]

1: Rebecca Messbarger

In this episode, Rob interviews Professor Rebecca Messbarger Director of Medical Humanities and Professor of Italian in the Department of Romance Languages. They discuss teaching philosophy and her Beyond Boundaries course Art of Medicine…